Dr. Atif Ashraf

Dr. Atif Ashraf

Dr. Atif Ashraf

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Atif Ashraf has 18-year career as Senior Producer, News Editor/ Manager, Information Officer and faculty member in media industry and academia.  He has been serving as Assistant Professor in Faculty of Media and Mass Communication since March 2020.  His previous organizations are English Daily, The Post, Waqt TV, Express News, Dunya News, AAP News, DGPR Punjab, University of Management and Technology and Virtual University of Pakistan. Dr. Atif did his PhD in Media Studies from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. His research areas are political communication, mainstream media industry and digital media. He is HEC approved supervisor and has 16 research papers and two conference papers on his credit. His professional interests include script writing, TV production and digital content creation.

Ph.D Media Studies The Islamia University of Bahawalpur 2018
M.PhilMass CommunicationAllama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad2012
M.AMass Communication University of the Punjab, Lahore2004
B.AJournalismUniversity of the Punjab, Lahore2002
FScPre Engineering Govt FC College Lahore2000
MatriculationScience Govt Central Model School, Lahore1998s
Senior Producer/Shift In-charge Central NewsroomAAP News, Lahore2019-20
Senior Producer, Rundown Dunya News, Lahore2017-19
Producer News and Current Affairs Express News, Lahore2007-17
Copy Editor Waqt News, Lahore2007
Sub-Editor The Post Daily, Lahore2005-07
Visiting Faculty, Media and CommunicationsUniversity of Management and Technology, Lahore2015-16
District Information Officer, Kasur (BS 17)Information Department Punjab, Lahore2009
Instructor Mass CommunicationVirtual University of Pakistan, Lahore2007
1Tahir, K., Ashraf, A., & Shabir, G. (2022). Portrayal of Parent- Children Relationship in Television Drama Serials of Pakistan. Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies, 8(1), 51-60. Online
2 Awais, S., Ashraf, A., & Shabir, G. (2021). Relationship between Representation of Violence Against Women in TV Drama Serials and Reactivity of Viewers. Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies, 7(4), 821-833.
3Tahir, K., Ashraf, A., & Ghafar, M. ul. (2021). Portrayal of Parents and Children Behavior: A Study of TV Drama Serials in Pakistan. Global Digital & Print Media Review, IV(III), 20–32. doi:10.31703/gdpmr.2021(iv-iii).03
4S Awais, A Ashraf, T Hassan. Reactivity of heavy viewers towards dramas presenting violence against women: A cross-sectional study. LINGUISTICA ANTVERPIENSIA, 4857–4873
5A Siddiqua, K Sultan, A Ashraf, G Shabir. Abrogation of Article 370 and the Media Framing of Kashmir Conflict: A Pursuit for Re-conciliatory Approach. Sustainable Business and Society in Emerging Economies 3 (3), 133-146
6Awais, S. Ashraf, A. Hassan, T. Violence against Women Treated as an act of Violence or as a Normal Practice: A Study of Pakistani TV Drama Serials. Elementary Education Online, 20 (1). (HEC Category X)
7Siddiqa, A. Ashraf, A. Shabir, G. Ghaznavi, Q. War or Peace Journalism? Framing of Kashmir Conflict in Elite Pakistani and Indian Newspapers after Revocation of Special Status of the Disputed Territory. Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies, 7 (1). (HEC Category Y)
8Ashraf, A. Rashid, H. Shabir, G. Ghaznavi, Q. Coronavirus and Cognitive Dissonance, Behavior of Pakistanis During Pandemic Peak: A Study of Educated and Uneducated Citizens of Lahore. Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies, 7 (1). (HEC Category Y)
9Rashid, S. Ashraf, A. Ali, S. (2021) Where We Stand: Shift to Online Communication Patterns by Public Relations Practitioners. Global Media Journal. 8(1). (HEC Category Y)
10Ullah, Faiz. Ashraf, Dr. (2021) Gender Portrayal in Outdoor Advertising in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Provinces of Pakistan. Journal of Peace, Development & Communication 4(3). (HEC Category Y)
11Siddiqa,A. Shabir, G. Ashraf, A. Khaliq, A. (2020) Media Framing of Pandemics: A Case Study of the Coverage of COVID-19 in Elite Newspapers of Pakistan. Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies, 6 (4). (HEC Category Y)
12Shabir, G. Ashraf, A. Shah, B. Ghaznavi, Q. (2020) Compromised Autonomy: The Impact of Social Pressures on Editorial Decision Making in Top News Channels of Pakistan. Global Media Journal, 8 (2), 56-72. (HEC Category Y)
13Shabir, G. Ashraf, A. Rasool, F. Ghaznavi, Q. (2020). Dependence of Editorial Independence, Influence of Economic Factors on News Channels in Pakistan. Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies, 6(2), 883-892. (HEC Category Y)
14Ashraf, A. Shabir, G. (2019) Impact of Political Environment on Media Freedom in Pakistan. Journal of South Asian Studies, 34 (1), 250-263. (HEC Category X)
15Safdar, G. Khan, AW. Ashraf, A. (2017). Image of war on terror into minds of people. The Government, 81-94. (HEC Category Y)
16Ashraf, A. Shabir, G. (2015) Pemra Code Vs Media Practice, Perception of Broadcast Journalists About Media Freedom in Pakistan. Journal of Mass Communication, 13, 91-116. (HEC Category Z)

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