Dr. Huma khan

Dr. Huma khan

Dr. Huma khan


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Dr. Huma khan has done her Doctorate of Business Administration (with Magna cum laude) From EU, Business School Genève Switzerland. Prior to this, she has done her Master in Management Sciences and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from University of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan. She has won many awards during her stay in Switzerland which includes “The award of excellence for The Best Student of the Year’’ and “The award of excellence for The Best Doctor Dissertation’’ by President of Switzerland and President of EU Business school. She was also among the 60 students of Europe to attend the seminar of ‘’Managing in a world of complexity” by Geneva Chamber of Commerce and EU Business School.  Dr. Huma khan has taught Many Management related subjects in EU Business School for MBA classes (Geneva, Montreux campuses Switzerland).

PhDBusiness AdministrationEU, Business School Genève Switzerland 2017
Masters Management SciencesUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan2014
BachelorsBusiness AdministrationUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan2012
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Central Punjab 2017 - date
Assistant ProfessorEU Business School, Geneva, Montreux campuses Switzerland2016- June 2017
LecturerUniversity of Sargodha 2014
1Zeeshan, M., & Huma Khan, (2019). Understanding the Dimension Based Mechanism of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Identification. Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences (HEC Y CATEGORY).
2Khan, Huma. & Akhtar, Faiza. (2018). The Impact of Political Skills on Job Outcomes: Moderating Role of Psychological Empowerment. International journal of human resource studies.
3Akhtar, Faiza., Khan, Huma. & Suleman, Areeba. (2018). The Impact of Psychological Capital, Supervisor Support and Risk Tolerance in Managers on Innovative Work Behavior. European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences
4Mahmood Shami, A., Akhtar, Faiza. & Khan, Huma. (2015). The Impact Organizational Justice and Leader Member Exchange Relationship (LMX): Moderating Role of Political Skills. European Journal of Business and Management, 7(7), 58-71.

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