Dr Muddasir Ali Shah

Dr Muddasir Ali Shah

Dr Muddasir Ali Shah

Associate Professor

Ext: 7853

Dr Muddasir Ali Shah is a dedicated physicist with a strong academic and professional track record over the past 10 years. He was awarded the indigenous scholarship for PhD and further a six-month IRSIP scholarship by the Higher Education Commission. Before joining UCP he served at NUST as Assistant Professor from September 2012 to January 2023. Adept at teaching diverse physics courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Proven administrative prowess demonstrated through roles as in charge of the Library, Applied Physics Lab and Astronomy Lab at NUST. He was also a member of the NUST entry test committee and BS Physics curriculum review committee. He was also an associate editor of the NUST Journal of Natural Sciences. He has supervised 17 MS research theses and 3 BS final-year projects. He is an accomplished researcher with 20 publications in esteemed ISI-indexed international journals. His research interests include the study of waves and instabilities in various plasma environments like relativistic, ultrarelativistic, non-Maxwellian, degenerate etc by using the Kinetic theory of plasma.

PhD Physics GC University, Lahore 2012
Assistant Professor NUST 2012-2023
1Propagation of Ordinary and Extraordinary Modes in Ultra-Relativistic Maxwellian Electron Plasma”, Muddasir Ali, Sadia Zaheer and G. Murtaza, Progress of Theoretical Physics 124, 1083 (2010).
2Relativistic Bernstein waves in a degenerate plasma”, Muddasir Ali, Azhar Hussain and G. Murtaza, Physics of Plasmas 18, 092104 (2011).
3Study of high frequency parallel propagating modes in a weakly magnetized relativistic degenerate electron plasma”, Gohar Abbas, M. Fraz Bashir, Muddasir Ali, and G. Murtaza, Physics of Plasmas 19, 032103 (2012).
4On the damping of right hand circularly polarized waves in spin quantum plasmas”, Z. Iqbal, A. Hussain, G. Murtaza and Muddasir Ali, Physics of Plasmas 21, 122118 (2014).
5Dust-lower-hybrid instability with fluctuating charge in quantum plasmas”, M. Jamil, Muddasir Ali, A. Rasheed, K. Zubia, and M. Salimullah, Physics of Plasmas 22, 032107 (2015).
6Study of the O-mode in a Relativistic Degenerate Electron Plasma” Kalsoom Azra, Muddasir Ali and Azhar Hussain, Plasma Science and Technology 19, 035001 (2017).
7Overlapping of the harmonics of the cyclotron frequency in the Bernstein waves due to relativistic effects”, Waseem Khan, Muddasir Ali, Zafar Iqbal, Gohar Abbas and Zahida Ehsan, Physics of Plasmas 25, (2018).
8On the dispersion characteristics of relativistic obliquely propagating Bernstein wave in a degenerate electron plasma”, S. Noureen, G. Abbas, M. Sarfraz, and Muddasir Ali, AIP Advances 8, 105205 (2018).
9Propagation of Bernstein waves in weakly relativistic pair ion plasma”, Muddasir Ali, Waseem Khan, and Zahida Ehsan, Phys. Plasmas 26, 102101 (2019).
10Electron cyclotron modes of Bernstein waves in different plasma environments”, Waseem Khan, Muddasir Ali and Yousaf Habib, Plasma Res. Express 2, 015004 (2020).
11Effects of electrons on the propagation of Bernstein waves in a non-relativistic symmetric and asymmetric pair ion plasma”, Waseem Khan, Muddasir Ali and Zahida Ehsan, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 48, 643 (2020).
12Characteristics of ordinary mode in fully relativistic electron plasma”, Waseem Khan, Muddasir Ali and Yousaf Habib Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 62, 055016 (2020)
13Shock waves in a rotating non-Maxwellian viscous dusty plasma”, Zahida Ehsan, Muhammad M. Abbasi, Samiran Ghosh, Majid Khan and Muddasir Ali Contrib. Plasma Phys. 60, e202000030 (2020).
14Parallel Propagating Waves in Weakly Magnetized Relativistic Electron Plasma” Waseem Khan , Muddasir Ali , and Yousaf Habib IEEE Transactions on plasma science, 48, 2996, (2020).
15Low frequency hybrid instability in semi-relativistic GaAs plasmas” Aneesa Iqbal , Muddasir Ali, M. Jamil and A. Rasheed, Physica Scripta, 96, 125605, (2021).
16Dispersive Features of Plasma Waves in Nano-Waveguide Systems” R. Ayesha, A. Rasheed, Muddasir Ali, I. Zeba and M. Jamil. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, (2021).
17pagation characteristics of parallel propagating waves in a relativistic magnetized electron plasma” Waseem Khan, Muddasir Ali, Ayesha Kanwal, Huzaifa Bilal, Tajammal H. Khokhar and Yousaf Habib. Journal of Plasma Physics, 88, 905880101, (2022).
18Variation in the propagation characteristics of extraordinary mode with density, magnetic field and temperature in a relativistic plasma environment” Muddasir Ali and Waseem Khan, Physica Scripta, 97, 105603 (2022).
19Spacecraft Charging Due to Energetic Electrons and Ions at Geosynchronous Altitudes” Fareeha Pervaiz, S. Ali, Muddasir Ali, and Shu T. Lai JGR Space Physics, 128, e2022JA030642 (2022).
20Role of electron temperature at extremely low density in negative positive ion plasma” Hamid Saleem, Muddasir Ali AIP Advances 13, 075213 (2023).

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