Dr. Muhammad Asad Saeed

Dr. Muhammad Asad Saeed

Dr. Muhammad Asad Saeed

Assistant Professor


Dr. Muhammad Asad Saeed has 23 years of professional experience including 12 years of teaching and research experience as Assistant professor in internationally recognized University. He received his PhD from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. Being HEC approved supervisor, he has supervised more than 20 postgraduate research dissertations and 20 research publications in internationally recognized journals. Along with his academic responsibilities, he has also performed the additional duties of secretary, Board of Studies, Departmental research committee and examination in charge. He has also experience of working in KSA in capacity of Community Pharmacist as well as Inspector of Drugs, Ministry of Health, Govt. of Pakistan. Having comprehensive and sound knowledge of instrumentation handling make him distinct leader in academic research.

PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry B.Z. University Multan 2021
M.PhilPharmaceutical Chemistry B.Z. University Multan 2000
B.Pharmacy Pharmacy B.Z. University Multan 1997
Assistant Professor Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Lahore 27-09-2010 to 13-06-2022
Community Pharmacist Community Pharmacist, Al Hijra National Pharmacy, KSA 01-04-2003 to 15-08-2010
Hospital Pharmacist/ Inspector of Drugs Health Department, Govt. of Pakistan 31-05-1999 to 15-03-2003
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2RP-HPLC Method for the Determination and Quantification of Artesunate. {Journal of Chromatographic Science, 2020, Vol. 58, No. 08, 695–699}
3Enhancement of solubility and dissolution profile of artesunate by employing solid dispersion approach: An in-vitro evaluation. {Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. January 2019 Supplement, Vol. 32(1), 353-361}
4A mechanistic evaluation of the traditional uses of Nepeta ruderalis in gastrointestinal and airway disorders. {Pharmaceutical Biology, 2017, 55(1):1017-1021}
5Antimicrobial and toxicity studies on Breynia disticha and Vernonia elaeagnifolia DC. {Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, July 2017, 3(2), 51-55}
6Pharmacognostic Evaluation, Phytochemical Screening and Pharmacological activities of Zephyranthes citrina. {IJBPAS, August 2016, 5(8): 1983-1995}
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17A Review on the Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Genus Tephrosia. {Phytopharmacology., 2013, 4(3), 598-637}
18A comparative study of Anti-inflammatory activity of Diflunisal and its Copper Complex. {International Journal of Agriculture & Biology., 1560-8530/2003/05-1-1-3}
19A study of Anti-inflammatory activity of different brands of Diclofenac Sodium. {Pak.J.Pharm. Pb.Univ.Lhr., 11-15 (1 & 2) 5-9 (1998-2002)}
20Synthesis and study of Anti-inflammatory activity of Copper Complex of Diflunisal. {Pak.J.Pharm. Pb.Univ.Lhr., 10 (1 & 2) 1-10(1997)}

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