Dr. Muhammad Kashif

Dr. Muhammad Kashif

Dr. Muhammad Kashif

HoD, Mechanical Engineering Department

Ext: 162

Dr. Muhammad Kashif is working as Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at UCP, Lahore. He joined UCP in 2014 and has 14 years of academic and engineering experience. He obtained his undergraduate degree from UET, Lahore with honors and his master’s and Ph.D. degree from UPMC, Paris-VI, Paris, France. Prior to his PhD, he worked as an engineer in a research-based organization in Pakistan. He also worked as an adjunct lecturer during his stay in France and taught courses at UPMC Paris-VI. He has several publications in international journals and conference proceedings like combustion and flame, journal of environmental management, and optics express. He regularly reviews articles for prestigious national and internal journals e.g. combustion and flame, energy and fuels, combustion science and technology, journal of energy, journal of fuel, and also projects of the National Research Program for Universities. His main research areas are energy and environment, internal combustion engines, optical diagnostics, solar and wind energy converters, and renewable/alternate fuels. He has also worked as an expert member with many national bodies including the National Curriculum Review Committee for Mechanical Engineering, the Standing committee of LCCI on coal and renewable fuels, and the Pakistan HVACR Society Lahore chapter.

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering UPMC, Paris-VI, France. 2013
Master Automotive Powertrains UPMC, Paris-VI, France. 2009
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering UET, Lahore 2004
Assistant Manager (Technical) Maritime Technologies Complex 3.5 years
Adjunct Lecturer and researcher UPMC, Paris-VI, France. 4 years
Assistant Professor UCP, Lahore 6.5 years
Associate Professor UCP, Lahore
1S. Bobi, M. Kashif*, G. B. Gerutu, Kenedy Aliila Greyson, and P.V. Chombo, “Assessing the impact of micro-mobility for students’ transport in Pakistan: A case study of Lahore city” under review.
2S. Bobi, M. Kashif, Y. Laonual, “Combustion and emission control strategies for partially-premixed charge compression ignition engines: A review”, Fuel, 310(2020), 122272. [IF = 6.609]
3M. Kashif, M.B. Awan1, S. Nawaz, M. Amjad, B. Talib, M. Farooq, A. S. Nizami, M. Rehan, “Untapped Renewable Energy Potential of Crop Residues in Pakistan: Challenges and Future Directions”, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 256, 2020. [IF = 5.647]
4H. Qaiser, I. Ahmad, M. Kashif, “Fuzzy, Synergetic and Non-linear State Feedback Control of Chemotherapy Drug for a Cancerous Tumor”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Vol. 60, 2020, [IF = 3.137].
5S. Nawaz, M. Kashif, N. Abbas, M. Farooq, F. Noor, “Experimental investigation of defocusing influence along with technical parameters during percussion drilling of 18CrNi8 by Nd:YAG millisecond laser system”, Materials Research Express 7, (2020) 016556. [IF = 1.449]
6A. Ahmed, F.H. Mangi, M. Kashif, F.A. Chachar, Z. Ullah, “Parametric analysis of a serpentine flow pattern proton exchange membrane fuel cell for optimized performance”, International Journal of Heat and Technology, 38 (2020) 69-76.  [X Category-Indexed by Scopus and Elsevier]
7F. Liu, J.-L. Consalvi; M. Kashif; G. Legros, “Numerical study of soot formation in laminar coflow methane/air diffusion flames doped by n-heptane/toluene and iso-octane/toluene blends”, combustion and flame, 180(2017), 167-174.[IF = 4.494]
8M. Kashif, F.H. Mangi, G. Legros, “Characterization of soot production by synthetic fuels”, Sindh Univ. Res. Jour. (Sci. Ser.) 49(2017), 75-80. [HEC X-Category]
9G. Legros, Q. Wang, J. Bonney, M. Kashif, C. Morin, J.-L. Consalvi, F. Liu, “Simultaneous soot temperature and volume fraction measurements in axis-symmetric flames by a two-dimensional modulated absorption/emission technique”, Combustion and Flame, 162(2015), 2705-2719. [IF = 4.168]
10M. Kashif, J. Bonnety, A. Matynia, P. Da Costa, G. Legros, “Sooting propensities of some gasoline surrogate fuels: combined effects of fuel blending and air vitiation”, Combustion and Flame, 162 (2015) 1840-1847. [IF = 4.168]
11J.-L. Consalvi, F. Liu, J. Contreras, M. Kashif, G. Legros, S. Shuai, J. Wand, “Numerical study of soot formation in laminar coflow diffusion flames of methane doped with primary reference fuels”, Combustion and Flame, 162, (2015) 1153-1163. [IF = 4.168]
12M. Kashif, J. Bonnety, P. Guibert, and G. Legros, "Sooting tendencies of Primary Reference Fuels in atmospheric laminar diffusion flames burning into vitiated air." Combustion and Flame 161 (2014) 1575–1586. [IF = 3.708]
13M. Kashif, J. Bonnety, P. Guibert, C. Morin, and G. Legros, "Soot volume fraction fields in unsteady axis-symmetric flames by continuous laser extinction technique." Optics Express 20, 28742-28751 (2012). [IF = 3.546]

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