Dr. Muhammad Rafiq

Dr. Muhammad Rafiq

Dr. Muhammad Rafiq


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Dr. Muhammad Rafiq has been teaching Mathematics courses in Faculty of Engineering since year 2005. He has taught various courses like Applied Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Multi-Variable Calculus and Numerical Analysis. He also designed and developed Mathematics courses for engineering students. He is knowledge domain head of General Science & Mathematics group in Outcome Based Education (OBE) system. He has published 70 research papers and 7 peer reviewed conference proceedings. His cumulative impact factor is more than 90. He represented University of Central Punjab in 45 National and International conferences and presented his research work over there. He is also a part of various committees in Faculty of Engineering.

Ph.D Applied Mathematics University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore 2017
LecturerUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore2005-2010
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore2010-2019
Associate ProfessorUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore2019-present
1Peer-reviewed Journal Publications 70
2Peer-reviewed Conference Publications 07

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