Dr. Nadeem Ullah

Dr. Nadeem Ullah

Dr. Nadeem Ullah

Assistant Professor (Botany)

+92-42-35880007 Ext: 219

Dr. Nadeem-Ullah completed his Ph.D. (Botany) from GC University, Lahore, Pakistan in 2019. He reported 20 species of algae for the first time from his study area. He was the founder in charge of Dendrochronology Lab and in-charge of Botanic Garden in GCU, Lahore. He determined the age of different pine species from forests of Murree and adjoining hilly areas and AJK. He got the co-curricular certificate of distinction from GCU, Lahore for his extra-ordinary services for Horticultural Society. He worked in a project on biodiversity and the Red Data list of Punjab. He worked as Research Assistant in GCU Lahore from 2009 to 2013. He presented his research work in 9 national and international conferences. He organizes 5 national and international conferences and several seminars. He published 8 research publications in national and international research journals. He organizes a Four Days Workshop “Basic Techniques for Botany Teachers” as Resource Person of Plant Anatomy in the Department of Botany, Government College University, Lahore. Pakistan. His research interest includes Phycology, Plant anatomy, and Dendrochronology.

Ph.D. (Botany)  Government College University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
M.Phil. (Botany)   Government College University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
M.Sc. (Botany)  Government College University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
B.Sc. (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)  Govt. Islamia College Civil lines, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Intermediate(Pre-Medical) Govt. M.A.O. College, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Matriculation (Science) Al.Falah High School, Shahdara Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Lecturer BotanyUCP, FOS, Lahore to date
Lecturer BotanyPunjab College, Lahore from 18, August, 2014 to 30, March, 2019.
Research Assistant/ Teaching Assistant (BS-17) Department of BotanyGovernment College University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan from October, 2009 to date.
National Internship Program (NIP) Internee in Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA)Pakistan from October 2006 to October, 2007.
Worked as President Horticultural Society Government College University, Lahore. Pakistan, from 2005-2006
Worked as Chief Co-ordinator Horticultural Society Government College University, Lahore. Pakistan from 2004-2005
1D. (Botany) Research Work: Taxonomic studies of Freshwater algae from North-East Punjab, Pakistan.
2Phil.(Botany) Research Work: Dendrochronological studies of Taxus wallichiana from Murree and adjoining hilly areas, Pakistan.
3Area of Specialization: Plant anatomy and Dendrochronology Sc. (Botany) Research Work: Downstream processing of Alkaline protease produced by mutant strain of Bacillus subtillis. (2004-2006)
4Area of Specialization: Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Thesis/Report Supervision
5Supervised BS. (HONS) thesis entitled “Anatomical studies of different plant species irrigated from sewage water treatment  system”. (2008-2012)
6Supervised BS. (HONS) thesis entitled “Dendroecological studies of different pine species on Murree hills, Punjab, Pakistan. (2008-2012)
7Nadeem-Ullah & Ghazala Yasmeen Butt. 2018. Eco-Taxonomic distribution of some colonial cyanophycota from north-east punjab, Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., 50(6): 2325-2330.
8Nadeem-Ullah & Ghazla Yasmeen Butt. 2017. Ecotaxonomic studies of some filamentous members of Cyanophycota in four Districts of Punjab, Pakistan. J. biodiv. & env. Sci.,11(4), 152-156.
9Nadeem-Ullah & H. Mukhtar. 2013. Partial purification of alkaline protease by mutant strain of Bacillus subtilisEMS-6. Biologia, 59 (1), 165-171
10Hussain, A., J. I. Qazi, S. Ali, H.A. Shakir & Nadeem-Ullah. 2013. Health imperilments in workers of a cutlery industrial complex from Pakistan: A preliminary survey. Biologia, 59 (1), 43-50
11Ajaib, M., Z. Khan, G.Y. Butt and Nadeem-Ullah. 2011. Senna artemisioides of family Leguminosae and Mansoa alliacea of family Bignoniaceae: Two new records to the Flora of Pakistan. Biologia, 57 (1&2), 1-5
12Bukhari, T. Z., Z. Khan, M. Ahmed, N. Khan and Nadeem-Ullah. 2009. Dendroseimological studies of different pines species from earthquake affected areas of Kashmir. Int. J. Bio. & biotech.
13Nadeem-ullah and Z. Khan. 2009. Field and laboratory techniques in Dendrochronology. Proceedings of Preservation and Enhancement of Biodiversity: Application of Tree Ring data in Pakistan. In process

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