Dr. Saba Farooq

Dr. Saba Farooq

Dr. Saba Farooq

Assistant Professor


Dr. Saba Farooq has received her PhD from Universiti of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Malaysia and awarded the best PhD student award of FRST 2021 from UNIMAS, Malaysia. She has accomplished her two international projects as co-PI. She has published 18 research publications and 1 book chapter with impact factor 24.407. Dr. Saba’s research interests include natural products, heterocyclic chemistry, organic chemistry, synthesis and structure elucidation of bioactive heterocyclic compounds, Microwave-assisted synthesis of bioactive compounds, and new natural product derivatives as potential medicinal agents and their applications. She possesses excellent personal communication and collaboration skills that will prove invaluable for delivering teaching and research commitments.

Ph.DOrganic Chemistry UNIMAS, Malaysia 2018-2021
M.PhilOrganic Chemistry PU, Lahore 2015-2017
BS(Hons.) Organic Chemistry PU, Lahore 2011-2015
PhD Research Scholar UNIMAS 2018-2021
M. Phil Research Scholar PU 2016-2017
1Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Synthesis of benzalacetophenone based isoxazoline and isoxazole derivatives. Current Organic Chemistry, 2022, (Accepted).
2Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Hwang S. S., Yiing D. C. C., Daud A. I., Khairul W. M. In vitro cytotoxicity activities, molecular docking and DFT evaluation of chalcone derived pyrazolines. Chemistry Africa, 2022 1-10.
3Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Microwave-assisted synthesis, antimicrobial activities and molecular docking of methoxycarboxylated chalcone, derived pyrazoline and pyrazole derivatives. ChemistrySelect, 2022, 7(1), e202103984.
4Ngaini, Z., Jamil N., Wahi R., Shahrom F. D., Ahmad Z. A., Farooq S., Convenient conversion of palm fatty acid distillate to biodiesel via rice husk ash. BioEnergy Research, 2021, 1-11.
5Ngaini, Z., Hussain, H., Kelabo, E. S., Wahi, R., Farooq, S. Chemical profiling, biological properties and environmental contaminants of stingless bee honey and propolis. Journal of Apicultural Research, 2021, 1-17
6Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Chalcone derived benzoheterodiazepines for medicinal applications: a two-pot and one-pot synthetic approach. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 2021, 58, 1914–1928.
7Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Daud A. I., Khairul W. M. Microwave assisted synthesis and antimicrobial activities of carboxylpyrazoline derivatives: molecular docking and DFT influence in bioisosteric replacement. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 2021, 1-14.
8Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Mesomeric effects of azobenzene bearing natural product-based molecules for liquid crystal materials: an overview. Current organic synthesis, 2021, 18(4), 318-332.
9Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. One-pot and two-pot methods for chalcone derived pyrimidines synthesis and applications. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 2021, 58(6), 1209-1224.
10 Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Natural and synthetic drugs as potential treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019). Chemistry Africa, 2020, 4(1), 1-13.
11 Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z., Murtadza NA. Microwave-assisted synthesis and molecular docking study of heteroaromatic chalcone derivatives as potential antibacterial agents. Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 2020, 41(9), 918-924.
12 Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Synthesis, molecular docking and antimicrobial activity of α, β‐unsaturated ketone exchange moiety for chalcone and pyrazoline derivatives. ChemistrySelect, 2020, 5(32), 9974–9979.
13 Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Chalcone derived pyrazole synthesis via one-pot and two-pot strategies. Current Organic Chemistry, 2020, 24(13), 1491-1506.
14 Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. One pot and two pot synthetic strategies and biological applications of epoxy-chalcones. Chemistry Africa, 2020, 1-12.
15Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. One-pot and two-pot synthesis of chalcone based mono and bis-pyrazolines. Tetrahedron Letters, 2020, 61(4), 151416.
16 Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Recent synthetic methodologies for chalcone synthesis (2013-2018). Current Organocatalysis, 2020, 6(3), 184-192.
17Farooq, S., Ngaini, Z. Methyl-2-formyl benzoate: a review of synthesis and applications. Current Organocatalysis, 2020, 5(3), 205-209.
18Farooq, S., Munawar, M. A., Ngaini, Z. Two pot and one pot synthetic methodologies of Hantzsch pyridines. 2018, Current Organic Chemistry, 22(27), 2671-2680.

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