Dr. Samman Ikram

Dr. Samman Ikram

Dr. Samman Ikram

Assistant Professor


Dr. Samman Ikram earned her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from University of the Punjab in 2021. She was an IRSIP-HEC Scholar at University of Oslo, Norway in 2017 during her PhD. Her research interests involve Microbial Biofilms and Gene expression studies on the biofilm forming bacteria. In addition, she has worked on Antibiofilm leads from plant sources using HPLC, GCMS and NMR. She also has experience with WGS and data analysis. In her Undergraduate studies she was part of Pak-US Collaborative Research Project about Bioremediation of Chromium and Arsenic from industrial waste water.

PhD -University of the Punjab, Pakistan 2021
MS (Hons) -University of the Punjab, Pakistan 2011
BS (Hons) -University of the Punjab, Pakistan 2009
Assistant Professor UCP Present
IRSIP-HEC Fellow University of Oslo, Norway 2017
Research Assistant and Instructor IMMG, PU 2017-2017
Lecturer QMC 2012 - 2013
1Hussain, N; Khan, A; Almaimouni, Y; Khalid, H; Ikram, S; Khan, M; Din, S; Talal, A. Microwave assisted urethane grafted nano-apatites for dental adhesives. Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers. Vol. 35 issue: 6, p: 479-490. November 2020.
2Ikram, S., Heikal, A., Finke, S., Hofgaard, A., Rehman, Y., Sabri, A., and Økstad, OA. Bacillus cereus biofilm formation on central venous catheters of hospitalised cardiac patients. Journal of Biofouling. Taylor & Francis, Published April, 2019.
3 Ali, S.A., Akhtar, T., Maqbool, A., Hussan, A. and Ikram, S. Ancylostoma duodenale seperated from contaminated soil. Int. Journal of Zoology and Research. Vol.3, Issue 2, Jun 2013, 27-38
4Ejaz, S., Ikram, S., Faisal, M. and Hasnain, S. Hexavalent chromium detoxification of Bacillus pumilus-S4, Pseudomonas doudoroffii-S5 and Exiguobacterium-S8 in association with Hydrophytes. Chemistry and Ecology (revised) Italy 2013.

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