Faiza Tanzeem

Faiza Tanzeem

Faiza Tanzeem



Having Teaching, Research and Professional experience of more than 14 years at different levels, Ms. Faiza Tanzeem is currently working as a lecturer, graduate programs at University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. She graduated in M. Phil Applied Linguistics (University of Central Punjab) in 2019. She has taught various language courses and conducted plenty of Academic Workshops such as Language development, Academic Writing, Educational Psychology, Integrated Curriculum and Communicative Competence. She brings with her an excellent higher education academic and administrative record. She presented in National and International Conferences such as International conference of Linguistics and National Conference on Linguistics Challenges in Regional Integration and Globalization. She has also been the editor of Academic Newsletter of different organizations. Ms. Faiza’s research interests include innovations in English Language Teaching, Curriculum Development, Syntax, Pragmatics, Morphology, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis. Her academia research was based on a Comparative study of Newspaper Discourse. There are many achievements and certifications on her account. Her approach stands out in multidisciplinary curriculum development, inclusive learning and participatory engagement in a collaborative research environment to support teaching & learning in lifelong sector.

M. Phil Applied Linguistics University of Central Punjab 2019
Lecturer University of Central Punjab At present
Visiting Lecturer University of Asia 2016-17
Academic Coordinator The Trust School 2015-19
Visiting Lecturer Queens Degree College 2012-13
Principal Rising Stars Grammar School 2009-15
Teacher Stamford Grammar School 2001-04
1Faiza, T., M., Umair, M., Osama, M., (2019). A Pragmatic Analysis of Metaphors used in Punjabi Proverbs. 5th International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan 2019.
2Faiza, T., (2020). Role of Optimal Relevance in Maximizing Learner’s Response: An Integrative Approach. International Conference on “Interactions and Interchanges: Literature, Culture, Globalization” (CLRIG, 20)
3Faiza, T., M., Osama, M., (2019). Intergenerational Transmission of Punjabi Language: A step into Revitalization of Endangered Language; An exploratory study. National Conference on TESOL, Linguistics and Literature (CTLL 2019).
4Faiza, T., M., Umair, M., Osama, M., (2018). Fallacies as Identity Markers: A Critical Analysis of Donald Trump’s Political Argumentation. 4th International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan (ICLAP, 2018).
5Faiza, T., M., Nida. S, M., Raza, M., (2019). A Comparative Morpho-syntactic Analysis of Burushaski and Urdu Language: An exploratory study. 5th International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan (ICLAP, 2019).

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