Haider Sultan Ahad

Haider Sultan Ahad

Haider Sultan Ahad



Mr. Haider S. Ahad holds a Master’s degree (MSCS) from the academically rigorous School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) – NUST H-12 Sector Islamabad. With 5 years of experience instructing university students while simultaneously performing administrative and technical activities, he is positioned to make a significant and positive impact on the students in this role.

MS Computer Science SEECS-NUST 2016
BS Computer Science COMSATS LHR 2013
Lecturer University of Central Punjab Sep 2021 – Contd.
Lecturer University of Lahore Sep 2020 – Sep 2021
Lecturer Lahore Garrison University Jan 2016 – Aug 2020
1Mago Vistro, D., Anam Hassan, W., Mahmood, Z., Iftikhar, W. and Sultan Ahad, H., 2021. ADOPTION OF HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS A CLOUD. Global Conference on Computing & Media Technology, 5th.
2Mago Vistro, D., Iftikhar, W., Mahmood, Z., Sultan Ahad, H., Anam Hassan, W. and Mahmood, Y., 2021. Applied Data Analytics for Cervical Cancer Data: Using SAS, Hadoop and Tableau. Global Conference on Computing & Media Technology, 5th.

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