Huma Rehman

Huma Rehman

Huma Rehman


Huma Rehman has 18 years’ blend of professional MNC and Education career as Lecturer, Visiting faculty member and Team Leader contact Centres. She received her M.Phil. Degree from Actuarial College of Statistics, University of Punjab, Lahore (Pakistan). The M.Sc. and B.Sc. degree was also earned from University of Punjab, Lahore (Pakistan). She brings with her a diversified educationalist knowledge for various institutes and led the BS, MS and M.Phil. Sessions. She is fluent with Probability & Statistics followed by related important components and sub-sets like Data Science, AI Analysis, SPSS, research methodologies and R-Language, Data Analysis Techniques using Excel and Tableau. Her academia action research strand focuses on Efficient Experimental Designs. She is also managing the departmental Course Allocation, coordination and Course management. She also carries leading Customer Services teams in earlier times for a renowned leading telecom network

M.Phi Statistics University of Punjab 2019
M.ScStatistics University of Punjab 2001
B.ScStatistics University of Punjab 1999
Lecturer University of Central Punjab Sep 2021 till Date
Lecturer in Visiting Faculty Comsats University - LHR Campus Mar 2020 -June 2021
Lecturer in Visiting Faculty University of Central Punjab Mar 2020 to June 2021
Lecturer in Visiting Faculty P.U.C.I.T (University of Punjab) Oct 2019 – Jan 2020
Lecturer in Visiting Faculty P.U.C.I.T (University of Punjab) Feb 2013 – July 2017
Team Leader – Contact Centre Mobilink (aka Jazz) Mar 2004 – Oct 2007
1“Analysis of Newly Proposed Efficient Experimental Designs Strongly Balanced for Carryover Effects when p
2“Some New Constructions of Minimal Neighbor Designs in Circular Blocks” ( International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change )

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