Ihtisham Ul haq had been a part of the Faculty of Information Technology since 2022. Before UCP he has served UMT and UOL as a Lecturer. His major Subjects are Android App Development, Web Development, Java Programming, Programming Fundamentals and Object-Oriented Programming. He has also experience in Industry as a Software developer in Android and Flutter. He has completed numerous projects in domains like Google Maps, Audio Player, Customer Service Reports, Chat Applications, Online Stores and many more. His research interests include Data mining and Machine Learning. He has completed his MS in Computer Science from NUCES FAST.

MastersComputer Science FAST NUCES2019
BachelorsComputer Science UOL2016
LecturerUCP2022-To Date
12021ConferenceA fuzzy expert system design for diagnosis of prostate cancerMuhammad Sheharyar Liaqat, Ihtisham Ul Haq, Faisal Riaz, Mubashar HussainPakistan
22022JournalKnowledge Acquisition System for Sentiment AnalysisMuhammad Sheharyar Liaqat, Ihtisham ul Haq, Muhammad Burhan, Shakir Mahmood MayoPakistan
32022JournalLstm based sentiment analysis model to monitor covid-19 emotionMuhammad Asad Arshed, Shahzad Mumtaz, Muhammad Sheharyar Liaqat, Ihtisham ul Haq, Mahmood HussainPakistan
42023JournalIoT Based Smart Baby Monitoring System with Emotion Recognition Using Machine LearningHina Alam, Muhammad Burhan, Anusha Gillani, Ihtisham ul Haq, Muhammad Asad ArshedPakistan

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