Kamran Shabbir

Kamran Shabbir

Kamran Shabbir

Assistant Professor

Ext: 118

Kamran Shabbir has a 10 years’ career in teaching related to university programs, especially in Computer Science domain. He has keen interest toward the theoretical side of computer science and mostly he teaches Algorithm analysis and design, Theory of automata, Problem solving skills, Problem analysis, Basic Programming techniques and Discrete structures. On the other side he is interested in developing the soft side of the student, so after the degree student is ready to face the real challenges of life. He has been involved with the development of students from his stay at LUMS as a student and playing his role in student council. He has done BS from Virtual university, that has taught him the art of self-learning and checking rechecking his own work with the eye of the student and of the evaluator on the same time. After that he joined LUMS to get a MS degree in CS domain where alongside his technical knowledge development, he has learnt a lot towards the practical side of the student’s life. He is an advocate that a parallel student development system should be designed and came into play for the students, who are doing their BS program. He Has joined UOL after his MS for one and a half year, then take a break for six months and joined UCP from 2012 in FOIT and taken many students related initiatives that are producing results.

MSCS CS LUMS 2008 – 10
BSCS CS VU 2002 – 07
Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab SEP. 2012 – TO
Lecturer University of Lahore OCT. 2010 – JAN. 2012

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