Manam Walait

Manam Walait

Manam Walait

Senior Lecturer
+92 42 35880007 Ext: 654

An accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a student imagination. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all students to be successful learners.

MPhil Biotechnology Biotechnology Subsidiaries: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Recombinant DNA technology, Food technology, Biosafety and bioethics and other life sciences subjects2018
BSc(Hons) BiotechnologyBiotechnology Subsidiaries: Chemistry and Environmental Science2016
Board of Higher Secondary Education Gujranwala, HSc ExaminationScience Group: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.2012
Board of Secondary Education Gujranwala, Sc Examination, A+ Grade.Science Group: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.2009
Lecturer University of Central Punjab Lahore 09/2019 to Contd
Invigilator British Council Lahore 04/2019 to 08/2019
Head of the department Jauhar Public School Lahore 12/2018 to 1/2019
Junior Scientist (Internee) Punjab Forensic Science Agency Lahore 08/2015 to 01/2016
1New aspects on remediation of pesticides through physical, chemical and biological sources WJPLS & 5.008 ,2018
2Potential application of pectinase in food, agriculture and environmental sector JPCBS & 5.923, 2018
3The review on microbial lipases for advanced industrial applications ,WJPLS & 5.008, 2017
4Production, characterization and clinical applications of cephalosporins ,SAJB & 0.87,2017
5CRISPR/CAS SYSTEM: A REVOLUTION IN GENOME EDITING Huda Rehman Mir*, Manam Walait, Samia Afzal* and Otto W. Witte, (2020). Crispr/Cas System: A Revolution In Genome Editing. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, 6 (12), 221-231. DOI:
6A REVIEW ON INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF MICROBIAL PROTEASE Manam Walait*, Huda Rehman, Hamid Mukhtar and Javed Iqbal Wattoo, (2020). A Review on Industrial Applications of Microbial Protease. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, 6 (11), 20-29.

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