Mohsin Ghaffar Ghouri

Mohsin Ghaffar Ghouri

Mohsin Ghaffar Ghouri

Associate Lecturer

Mohsin Ghaffar Ghouri, an accomplished IT professional, previously served as a Team Lead at Sigma Square, where he demonstrated an impressive career path characterized by a strong commitment to innovation and problem-solving. With a background in education and extensive experience in software development, Mohsin has made substantial contributions to the IT industry. His portfolio and qualifications encompass:

Professional Journey:

Mohsin embarked on his career as a Teacher Assistant at Punjab University College of Information and Technology (PUCIT), where he honed his pedagogical and mentoring skills. Over the years, he transitioned into a pivotal role as a Senior WordPress Developer and PHP Developer at Sigma Square, where he crafted a multitude of themes, plugins, and web solutions for a diverse clientele, including customizing themes and plugins. His journey also led him to become a Team Lead at Sigma Square, where he oversaw WordPress and PHP development projects.

Furthermore, his experience as a Visiting Lab Instructor at FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences reflects his dedication to education and knowledge dissemination. He conducted lab sessions, quizzes, and exams, and prepared comprehensive lab manuals to enhance students’ learning experiences.

Mohsin’s technical acumen is both broad and robust, encompassing a diverse set of technologies, including AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, React, React Native, and WordPress. His remarkable expertise is exemplified in his extensive portfolio of WordPress themes and plugins, some of which are featured on renowned platforms like Themeforest. Additionally, Mohsin possesses a specialized skill set in deep neural networks and sentiment analysis, particularly with regards to news and social media data.

MSCSAdvanced Theory of Automata, Research MethodologyUCP2023
BS Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering, Machine Learning, OOPPUCIT2016
Team LeadSigma Square2016-2022
Visiting Lab InstructorFAST2020-2021
Teacher AssistantPUCIT2015-2016

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