Mr. Mominyar Khalid Butt

Mr. Mominyar Khalid Butt

Mr. Mominyar Khalid Butt

Associate Lecturer

Mr. Mominyar Khalid Butt holds M.Phil in Political Science from GC University Lahore with an Academic Roll of Honour. His M.Phil dissertation was on ‘Climate Change Scepticism in the American Far-right.’ He has been a recipient of the prestigious ‘Study of the U.S. Institutes’ (SUSI) exchange program in Comparative Public Policymaking in University of Massachusetts, United States. Also, he carries the distinction of graduating at the top of his class in BA (Hons) Political Science with an Academic Roll of Honour from GC University Lahore. His research interests lie in climate change, environmental politics and far-right politics. He is a keen researcher and has published extensively in HEC recognised research journals and national dailies. In addition, he has done short summer courses on ‘Religion, Conflict and Peace’ and ‘Global Diplomacy: Diplomacy in the Modern World’ from Harvard University and SOAS University of London respectively. Prior to joining UCP, Mr. Mominyar taught at GC University Lahore for more than two years and has worked as Civilian Instructor and Researcher at Pakistan Navy War College Lahore.

M.Phil Political Science GC University Lahore 2019-2021
SUSI Exchange Program Public Policy University of Massachusetts, United States 2017-2017
BA (Hons) Political Science GC University Lahore 2014-2018
Associate Lecturer University of Central Punjab Lahore March 2022-present
Researcher and Civilian Instructor Pakistan Navy War College Lahore July 2021-April 2022
Visiting Lecturer GC University Lahore February 2019-July 2021
1“Rise of the Far-right Groups in Trump’s America,” The Journal of Political Studies, Vol. 25, Issue -2, 2018, 105-120. Online
2“Government Patronage of HR Development in China: Policy Evaluation and Recommendations,” The Journal of Political Science XXXIV (2016): 39-48. Online
3"From Isolation to Participation: Role of China in the United Nations in the Post Cold War Era,” The Journal of Political Science XXXIII (2015): 45-60. Online
4Op-Ed: “World Maritime Day: Honouring the Seafarers” in Business Recorder, September 30, 2021.
5Op-Ed: “Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence: PN War College” in The Nation, December 15, 2021.
6Op-Ed: “Is India Trying to Sabotage CPEC?” in Global Village Space, December 29, 2021.
7Op-Ed: “Pakistan Navy Initiatives since 2002” in Daily Times, January 14, 2022.
8Op-Ed: “Weighing B3W against BRI” in Pivot Magazine ISSI April Edition 2022.
9Op-Ed: “Pakistan Navy and IMX 2022” in Business Recorder, February 16, 2022.
10Op-Ed: “Increasing Role of Navies amidst Climate Change” in Global Village Space, March 22, 2022
11Op-Ed: “Building Climate Change Resilience: Policy Measures by US Navy,” in Global Village Space, March 30, 2022.

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