Mr Muhammad Saad Tariq

Mr Muhammad Saad Tariq

Mr Muhammad Saad Tariq

Lecturer Physics

Mr. Muhammad Saad Tariq Mirza is now working as a lecturer at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Central Punjab. He is doing a Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from COE. He received the M.Phil. Solid State Physics degree from the Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics, University of Punjab. In 2014, he became a visiting faculty member at Centre for High Energy Physics, University of Punjab. He is the author or co-author of more than 12 papers in international refereed journals. He has given several invited talks on several national conferences. His research interests cover several aspects of his field. His research is focused on the investigation of linear and non-linear optical properties of materials using density functional theory. He teaches the course Solid State Physics, Electronics, Nuclear physics, and statistical mechanics to undergraduate students at UCP.

Phd (Solid State Physics) University of the Punjab, Lahore
M.phil (Solid State Physics) University of the Punjab, Lahore
M.s.c -University of the Punjab, Lahore
B.s.c -University of the Punjab, Lahore
F.s.c -F.C collage BISE Lahore
Matriculation- The Rediant way School BISE Lahore
1A. A. Mubarak, Saad Tariq, Farida Hamioud and Bahia Alsobhi (2019), Thermal, electromagnetic and thermoelectric investigation of CoNb1-xTixSn (x = 0, 0.75, 0.5, 1) HalfHeusler alloy, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, (in press accepted manuscript).
2Saad Tariq, Abeeha Batool, M.A. Faridi, M. Imran Jamil, A.A. Mubarak and Nosheen Akbar (2019), Influence of pressure on electro-mechanical properties of SrNbO3: A DFT study, High Temperature High Pressure, (in press accepted manuscript).
3Saad Tariq, A. A. Mubarak, Saher Saad, Jamil, M. I., & Gilani, S. S. (2019). Quantum density functional theory studies of structural, elastic, and opto-electronic properties of ZMoO3 (Z= Ba and Sr) under pressure. Chinese Physics B, 28(6), 066101.
4A. A. Mubarak, Farida Hamioud and Saad Tariq (2019), Influence of Pressure on Optical Transparency and High Electrical Conductivity in CoVSn Alloys: DFT Study. Journal of Electronic Materials.
5M.A. Faridi., Saad Tariq, M. Imran Jamil, Abeeha Batool, Sohail Nadeem, and Aneela Amin. (2018). Pressure induced band-gap tuning in KNbO3 for piezoelectric applications: Quantum DFT-GGA approach. Chinese Journal of Physics
6Saad Tariq, Saher Saad, M. Imran Jamil, S. M. Sohail Gilani, Shahid Mahmood Ramay, Asif Mahmood. (2018) Ab initio study on half-metallic, electronic and thermodynamic attributes of LaFeO3. The European Physical Journal Plus 133:3, 87.
7S.M. Sohail Gilani, Saad Tariq, M. Imran Jamil, Bashir Tahir, M.A. Faridi. (2018) Elucidating DFT study on structural, electronic, thermal and elastic properties of SrTcO3 by using GGA and mBJ approach. Chinese Journal of Physics 56:1, 308-314.
8Saad Tariq, M. Imran Jamil, Azeem Sharif, Shahid Mahmood Ramay, Hasnain Ahmad, Noor ul Qamar, Bashir Tahir. (2018) Exploring structural, electronic and thermo-elastic properties of metallic AMoO3 (A = Pb, Ba, Sr) molybdates. Applied Physics A 124:1, 44
9G. Nazir, Saad Tariq, A. Afaq, Q. Mahmood, S. Saad, A. Mahmood, Samar Tariq. (2018) Under Pressure DFT Investigations on Optical and Electronic Properties of PbZrO3. Acta Physica Polonica A 133:1, 105.
10Sohail Nadeem, Saad Tariq, M. Imran Jamil, Ejaz Ahmad, S. M. Sohail Gilani, Khurram Shahzad Munawar. (2016) DFT study of structural, electronic, thermo-elastic properties and plausible origin of superconductivity due to quantum degenerate states in LaTiO3. Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry 15:05, 1650044
11G. Nazir, A. Afaq, M. F. Khan, Saad Tariq. (2015). Putting DFT to the trial: First principles pressure dependent analysis on optical properties of cubic perovskite SrZrO3. Computational Condensed Matter, 4, 32-39.
12Saad Tariq, Afaq Ahmed, Saher Saad, Samar Tariq (2015) Structural, electronic and elastic properties of the cubic CaTiO3 under pressure: A DFT study. AIP Advances 5, no. 7: 077111.

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