Mr. Talib Mohsin

Mr. Talib Mohsin

Mr. Talib Mohsin

Assistant Professor

He is basically, a kind of critical scholar of Modern Muslim Thought. His area of interest is Hadith discipline and explanation of Hadith text. His major work is exegesis of a prominent book of Hadith ‘Sahih Muslim’. His articles on various topics are published in renowned journals. He has authored many books. His main areas of expertise are Hadith, Contemporary Legal Thought, Tasawwuf, and spiritual enhancement of individuals. He has been on TV-talk shows on many private TV channels.

MS Islamic studies University of Central Punjab 2013
Assistant professorUniversity of Central Punjab2011- - - -
Fellow ResearchAl-Mawrid (Institute of Islamic Reasearch)2006 – 2011
Assistant Fellow ResearchAl-Mawrid (Institute of Islamic Reasearch)1990 - 2006
1Dalil e rah (an compilation of my articles) Eesal e sawab Istifhaam

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