Ammara Masood

Ammara Masood

Ammara Masood

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Ammara Masood completed her M-Phil (Biotechnology) from National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE-PIEAS). Her research focusses on Hybrid gene promoter Cloning using Bioinformatics as well as Molecular Biology tools. Her current assignments includes Identification, Evaluation and Identification of various monots and dicots hybrid promoter from plants. She has participated in various National and International conferences/seminars both as speaker as well as organizer. She has published 16 International full length research publications and several International abstracts. Her research expertise are isolation and cloning of promoters, vector construction of different cloning vectors, molecular plant breeding and comparative genomics analysis, cell culture & transfection, gene gun methods, analysis and interpretation of the data results through translational bioinformatics, Statistical analysis using SPSS, Biostatistics, Recombinant DNA Technology, Project Management.

M-phil.Biotechnology) (Molecular Biology and BiotechnologyNational Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Faisalabad (NIBGE-PIEAS) 2009-2011
BS HonsBioinformaticsGovernment College University Faisalabad (GCUF) 2004-2008
Researcher Fellow in bioinformatics laboratory LUMS
Teaching -Aitchison college
Worked as an editor African journal of biotechnology-
1“In silico comparative genomic analysis of Escherichia coli E24377A and Escherichia coli HS”. 2016. Ammara Masood*, Hira Mubeen and Nadia Iqbal. International Journal of Medical and Health Research (ijmhr). 2(3) 3-10.
2“Cloning of D-Hordein hybrid promoter from Hordeum Vulgare and its expression analysis.” 2017. Ammara Masood*, Nadia Iqbal, Hira Mubeen, Rubab Zahra Naqvi, Asia Khatoon, and Aftab Bashir. Pakistan journal of botany. Pak .J. Bot., 1085-1095.
3“Cloning and expression analysis of alcohol dehydrogenase hybrid promoter isolated from zeamays”. 2016. Ammara Masood*, Nadia Iqbal, Hira Mubeen, Rubab Zahra Naqvi, Asia Khatoon, and Aftab Bashir. African Journal of Biotechnology. 15(42): 2384-2393.
4“Isolation and characterization of SPS promoter from cotton”. 2017. Nadia Iqbal1*, Muhammad Asif, Amara Masood, Rubab Zahra Naqvi, Asia Khatoon, Aftab Bashir. Australian journal of crop sciences. AJCS 11(6):668- 675.
5Histochemical GUS expression of cotton SPS promoter in transgenic tobacco. Nadia Iqbal, Ammara Masood, Aftab Bashir and Mohammad Asif. 2016. Journal of advances in biology and biotechnology ( JABB). 8(1): 1-8
6“In silico mutation analysis of human Beta globin gene in SCD patients”.2016. Hira Mubeen, Rubab Zahra, Ammara Masood. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 4(5):1673-1677.
7Review paper on “Gene transformation, method uses and application”. Hira Mubeen, Ammara Masood and Rubab Zahra Naqvi. 2016. Journal of pharmaceutical and biological sciences.
8Histochemical GUS expression of beta tubulin promoter in transgenic tobacco. Hira Mubeen, Aftab Bashir, Ayesha Ameen, Ammara Masood and Shahid Raza. African Journal of Biotechnology. 16(17): 945-952.
9“Identification, isolation and evaluation of a constitutive sucrose phosphate synthase gene promoter from tomato. 2017. Hira Mubeen, Rubab Zahra Naqvi, Ammara Masood, Asia Khatoon, and Aftab Bashir. Pakistan journal of botany. Pak.J.Bot.49 (3):1105-1112.
10“Cis-acting regulatory elements and transcription factors as a key regulator in plant gene expression.” Biologia. Hira Mubeen, Ammara Naseem , Ammara Masood , Shahid Raza & Naureen Naeem. 2019, 64 (II), 275-280.
11A. Masood, H. Mubeen, N. Iqbal, Sequence analysis and expression study of LTP7 promoter isolated from cotton (gossypium hirsutum L.) , Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Series B: Biological Sciences , vol: 62B , issue: 3 , pages: 163-168 , HEC Category:X ,IF: 0.000 , publisher: Pak JSIR , 2019.
12Ammara Masood *, Nadia Iqbal, and Hira Mubeen. "Review A Short Review of Promoters of Cotton Fibre Genes: Strength and Tissue Specificity." Biological Sciences-PJSIR 63, no. 2 (2020): 127-131
13Maria Javed, Ammara Masood, Iqra Javed, Hira Mubeen, Javed Iqbal Wattoo , Insilico study of genes involved in Congenital Hypothyroidism , Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association , vol: Volume 70 , issue: 3 , pages: 427-431 , HEC Category:W ,IF: 0.573 , publisher: PMA House, Aga Khan III Road, Karachi-74400, Pakistan. , 2020.
14Hira Mubeen, Ammara Masood, Mushtaq A. Saleem, Javaid Iqbal Wattoo, Ammara Nasim, Shahid Raza. Identification and Analysis of DNA binding specific Transcription factor binding sites in sucrose synthase promoter. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 51(4).
15Pakeeza Rubab, Hira Mubeen, Ammara Masood, Mushtaq A. Saleem, Javaid Iqbal Wattoo. Identification, analysis and evaluation of Starch Branching Enzyme gene promoter from Oryza Sativa. Pakistan Journal of Botany,51(6)
16MUBEEN, H., NAQVI, R. Z., MASOOD, A., SALEEM, M. A., BASHIR, A., & RAZA, S. (2020). Isolation, Cloning and Characterization of a Constitutive Plant from Potato Aquaporin Gene. Biological Sciences-PJSIR, 63(3), 169-178.
17AMMARA MASOOD*, HIRA MUBEEN, NADIA IQBAL, AFTAB BASHIR. Cloning and transcriptional analysis of RuBisCO hybrid promoter. . Cloning and transcriptional analysis of RuBisCO hybrid promoter , Pakistan Journal of Botany , vol: 53 , issue: 3 , HEC Category:X ,IF: 0.8 , publisher: Pakistan Botanical society , 2021
18MEHWISH ASLAM, ALIM UN NISA, MUHAMMAD SHAHZAD CHAUDHRY, AMMARA MASOOD, HIRA MUBEEN, Preparation and Analysis of Synthetic food product for cure of diabetes, Submitted in PJZ.
19AYESHA JAVAID, HIRA MUBEEN*, AMMARA MASOOD, MUHAMMAD WASEEM SHOAIB. Identification and evaluation of potential drug targets of protein kinases for treatment of autoimmune diseases, Submitted in Biologia.

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