Ms. Ifrah Mir

Ms. Ifrah Mir

Ms. Ifrah Mir


Ifrah Mir holds M.Phil in International Relations from Kinnaird college for women and BS International Relations from Lahore college for women university. She received a merit certificate for performing exceptionally well during her BS program.  Her research interests include nuclearization, South Asian studies and study of contemporary conflicts around the world. Prior to joining UCP, she taught in university of Lahore for three years.

M.Phil IR Kinnaird college for Women 2017-2019
BS IR Lahore college for women University 2013-2017
Lecturer University of Central Punjab 2022-present
Lecturer University of Lahore 2019-2022
1Mir, I., & Safdar, A. (2021). North Korea’s strategy of Maximum deterrence against US. Journal of Research and Review in Social Sciences, 4(2), 1439-1453

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