Muhammad Naeem Sabir

Muhammad Naeem Sabir

Muhammad Naeem Sabir

Graphic Designer

Hi there! My name is Muhammad Naeem Sabir,

My experience as a Director of Visual Design with more than ten years of experience has been a dynamic exploration of creativity and strategic thinking. My true love is leading multidisciplinary teams to create captivating visual tales and memorable user experiences. This drives everything I do it.
My professional life has served as evidence of my conviction in the transforming potential of design. I’ve continually worked to meld artistic innovation with business goals, whether it be creating brand identities that connect with audiences or sculpting immersive digital experiences. My journey has been marked by fruitful partnerships with cross-functional teams, where my leadership approach centers on establishing a climate of respect for one another, creative freedom, and a common goal.
In my capacity as the Metaverse and Gaming Team Lead at Virtual Realms Inc., I have spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives at the intersection of virtual worlds and gaming. Tasked with assembling and guiding a team of multidisciplinary experts, I’ve fostered a collaborative environment that thrives on innovation. My leadership has been pivotal in developing and launching immersive metaverse experiences that transcend traditional gaming boundaries.

Passion, strong conceptual thinking, simplicity and sharp attention to the finest details are his essential tools in providing excellent design solutions. Naeem designs facilitate an aesthetic and engaging end user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction and enhanced business productivity.

BSCSComputer ScienceInstitute Of Computer Technology Lahore(PU)2006
IntermediateScienceBise Lahore2003
MatricScienceBise Lahore1999
Gaming TeacherUniversity of Central Punjab2016-2023
ICT TeacherSynergistics2015-2016
ICT Support Assistant Red Signal2011 - 2013

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