Muhammad Rehan Saleem

Muhammad Rehan Saleem

Muhammad Rehan Saleem

Senior Lecturer

Engineer Muhammad Rehan Saleem has more than 8 years of experience in academia. He is currently doing PhD in CS from UMT Lahore and received his MS-EE (Control Systems) from University of Engineering and Technology, (UET) Lahore and BS-EE from University of Management and Technology, (UMT) Lahore. His research interests include IoT, Machine learning, AI and Robotics.

PhD CS UMT continue
MS Control Systems UET 2016
BS EE UMT 2013
Senior Lecturer UCP 2021-till date
Lecturer UMT Lahore 2015-2021
Lecturer BZU Lahore 2014-2015
1Tariq, A., Siddiqui12, S. Y., Saleem, M. R., Safdar, G., Nasir, S. F. B., Ali, W., ... & Khan, M. A. (2020). Estimating Virtual Trust of Cognitive Social Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Networks empowered with Hierarchal Socio Fuzzy Inference System. IJCSNS, 20(6), 48.
2ur Rehman, K. U., Ali, W., Saleem, M. R., Awan, S. M., & Ashraf, M. A. (2020). Impact of Android Applications on Learning of Kindergarten Students. VFAST Transactions on Software Engineering, 8(1), 14-20.
3Khan, A. H., Siddiqui, S. Y., Irshad, M. S., Ali, S., Saleem, M. R., & Iqbal, S. (2019). Analytical Method to Improve the Security of Internet of Things with Limited Resources. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Internet of Things, 5(18).
4Siddiqui, S. Y., Saleem, M. R., (2020). Security and Countermeasures Wireless Communication Algorithm with Penetration Testing. LGURJCSIT, 4(2), 31-44
5Ali, F., Iqbal, A., Nazir, Z., Inayat, U., Ali, S. M., & Saleem, M. R. (2019). A brief review on computer system control using multi-agent technique. International Journal of Sustainable Aviation, 5(4), 298-312.

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