Owais Hakeem

Owais Hakeem

Owais Hakeem

Senior Lecturer


Owais Hakeem, has 08 years of experience comprising teaching, research, and software industry. He is currently working as a Sr. Lecturer with the Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab, Pakistan. In past he served as a Lecturer at Department of Computer Science, School of Systems and Technology, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Comsats University Islamabad (CUI). He completed his Master’s in computer science from CUI, Abbottabad Campus in 2017 and bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Peshawar in 2012. He has published various research articles in prestigious international conferences and journals. His potential research areas include Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, Edge computing, the Internet of Things, and wireless-based cyber-physical systems.

PhDComputer Science COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Present
MSCS Computer Science COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad 2017
BSCS Computer Science University of Peshawar 2012
Intermediate Pre-Engineering BISEM 2007
Matric Science BISEM 2005
Senior Lecturer University of Central Punjab 2022-Present
Lecturer University of Management and Technology 2017-2022
Research Associate COMSATS University Islamabad Abbottabad Campus 2015-2017
Software Engineer Capobrid Technologies 2011-2014
1Yousafzai, A., Khan, L. U., Majeed, U., Hakeem, O., & Hong, C. S. (2022). FedMarket: A Cryptocurrency Driven Marketplace for Mobile Federated Learning Services. IEEE Access, 10, 87602-87616 (IF-3.476).
2Hussain, M., Javed, W., Hakeem, O., Yousafzai, A., Younas, A., Awan, M. J., ... & Zain, A. M. (2021). Blockchain-Based IoT Devices in Supply Chain Management: A Systematic Literature Review. Sustainability, 13(24), 13646. (IF-3.251)
3Awan MJ, Farooq U, Babar HM, Yasin A, Nobanee H, Hussain M, Hakeem O, Zain AM. Real-time DDoS attack detection system using big data approach. Sustainability. 2021 Jan;13(19):10743. (IF-3.251)
4Hussain M, Nadeem MW, Iqbal S, Mehrban S, Fatima SN, Hakeem O, Mustafa G. Security and Privacy in FinTech: A Policy Enforcement Framework. In Research Anthology on Concepts, Applications, and Challenges of FinTech 2021 (pp. 372-384). IGI Global. (Book Chapter)
5Mehrban, S., Nadeem, M. W., Hussain, M., Ahmed, M. M., Hakeem, O., Saqib, S., ... & Khan, M. A. (2020). Towards secure FinTech: A survey, taxonomy, and open research challenges. IEEE Access, 8, 23391-23406. (IF-4.929, 2020)
6ur Rahman, U., Hakeem, O., Raheem, M., Bilal, K., Khan, S. U., & Yang, L. T. (2015, December). Nutshell: Cloud simulation and current trends. In 2015 IEEE International Conference on Smart City/SocialCom/SustainCom (SmartCity) (pp. 77-86). IEEE

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