Syeda Rida Zahara Naqvi

Syeda Rida Zahara Naqvi

Syeda Rida Zahara Naqvi

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Syeda Rida Zahara Naqvi has 18 years of has done MS English in Language and Literature from COMSATS University Islamabad. Since 2018 she has been serving as lecturer and contributed the best possible professional skills and capabilities to various organizations and earned their unbounded appreciation. She has been a Co-operative lecturer with hands-on experience in teaching and supporting students with special needs to drive academic excellence and success. She has been successful in developing lessons and activities to expand learning opportunities, implementing teaching methods and behaviour guidelines, and conducting high-quality research. She is also Skilled in improving student performance and executing effective development programmes to meet students’ learning needs and adept at performing course materials course curriculum and validation activities to measure learning attainment of course objectives. She has a broad range of teaching experience, and I enjoy the responsibilities that come with these teaching positions.

MS Language & Literature Linguistics COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore 2017
Lecturer University of South Asia 2019-2020
Lecturer University of Education, Township campus Lahore 2018-2019
Visiting Lecturer University of Engineering and Technology, KSK Campus 2018-2019

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