Tayyaba Binte Mehmood

Tayyaba Binte Mehmood

Tayyaba Binte Mehmood



Ms. Tayyaba Bint-e-Mehmood has joined us as Lecturer. She has recently bagged a gold medal to her name after completing MS in Applied Linguistics from FAST NUCES Lahore. She has presented her papers in the area of ‘Trends of Urduization’ in numerous national conferences in Pakistan. Apart from academia, she is fond of using writing as an expressive channel and cathartic tool.

MS Applied Linguistics Linguistics FAST NUCES, Lahore2019
Digital Content Producer UMT, Lahore 2018
1Presented various papers on ‘Trends in Urduization’ in ICLAP 2017 and ICDELL 2019.

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