Tehseen Riaz

Tehseen Riaz

Tehseen Riaz



Currently Working as Lecturer in Faculty of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics Department) UCP.Previously, Lecturer & Controller of Examination at Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy, Lahore.(25th September,2017 to 15th October, 2019). Research Associate at Foundation for Young Researchers, Pakistan (12th July, 2015 to 10th Aug, 2017).Hospital Pharmacist at Baba Fareed SurgiMed Hospital, Okara (14th Jan,2012 to 5th June.2015). Retail Pharmacist at Med & Cure Pharmacy, Sahiwal (20th April,2011 to 30th Dec,2011).Organized various symposium, workshops and conferences in collaboration with national and international organizations. Actively participated in social work, free medical camps and different awareness campaigns..

M.Phil Pharmaceutics University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Thesis Title: Formulation & Its Invitro Characterization of Isotretinoin loaded . Ethosomal Gel.2014~2016
Pharm D Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Chemistry University of Lahore, Pakistan (Doctor of Pharmacy 2006~2011
F.Sc (Pre-Medical)Biology, Physics, Chemistry BISE,Lahore, Pakistan 2003~2005
Matriculation Biology, Physics, Chemistry BISE,Lahore, Pakistan 2000~2002
Lecturer & Controller of Examination Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy, Lahore 2 years
Research Associate Foundation for Young Researchers, Pakistan 2 years
Hospital Pharmacist Baba Fareed SurgiMed Hospital, Okara 3 years
Retail Pharmacist Med & Cure Pharmacy, Sahiwal 1 year
1Mahboob, M. B. H., Jamshaid, M., Bashir, I., Riaz, T.,Mehboob, T., & Safdar, Z.,(2016). Infant Mortality in Developing Countries: Comprehensive Review. American Journal of Pharmacy and Health Research, 4(1), 2321–3647
2Mahboob, M. B. H., Riaz, T., Jamshaid, M., Bashir, I., & Zulfiqar, S. (2016). Oral Films: A Comprehensive Review. International Current Pharmaceutical Journal, 5(12), 111-117.
3Riaz, T., Mahboob, M. B. H., Zulfiqar, S., Shouqat, S.D., Abid, M., Raza, A., Rani, A. (2017). Treatment Protocol For The Management Of Migraine. Eurpeon Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research, 4(1), 2394-3211
4Raza, A., Jamshaid, M., Riaz, T., Bashir, I., Majeed, I., Akram, W. (2017). Correlation of back pain associated with obesity and posture among teenagers. Anesthesis, Pain & Intensive Care (APICARE),
5Qureshi, H. S., Ashraf, I., Jamshaid, M., Bashir, I., & Riaz, T. Global Outbreaks Of Ebola And It’s Strategic Management. International Journal of Scientific &Technology Research, 6(5), 2277-8616
6Riaz, T., Jamshaid, M., Mehmood, R., Bashir, I., Abid, S.Z., Mahboob, M. B. H., jamshaid, U.(2017). Ethosomes: A Novel Approach for Transdermal Drug Delivery System. Journal of drug delivery science and technology, (submitted)

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