The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest association of technological professionals. IEEE strives to put forward its objective in advancing electrical and electronics engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines-both educationally and technically.

The IEEE UCP Student Branch is taking forward the mission of IEEE International i.e. fostering technological innovations and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Our vision is to make IEEE an essential counterpart of the global technical community. It aims to provide technical professionals anywhere in the world a broader platform to connect and to internationalize their technological contributions for the betterment of humanity.

The IEEE UCP Student Branch, was founded in June 2006 at the University of Central Punjab, which organizes events that focus on electronics, communications, computer engineering, computer science & information technology. Volunteers of IEEE UCP are working tirelessly to make each event beneficial for its attendees as it expands their knowledge horizon; and to make the IEEE society a prosperous one.

IEEE UCP has three ‘Signature Events’ which have always been organized yearly at the University of Central Punjab, they are:

  • Mindmation (Spring Semester)
  • Summer of Games (Summer Semester)
  • QuestEra (Fall Semester)
  • Patron : Syed Atif Mehdi
  • President : Haseeb Asghar
  • Vice President : Huma Riaz
  • General Secretary :  Adeel Munir
  • Info. Secretary : Maria Awais

IEEE- Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
EXT : 253