Ideas Conclave Session: Nine Lives of Pakistan

Ideas Conclave is a series of conversations that aims to serve as an interface between leading thinkers, writers, academics and accomplished professionals, to add breadth to our students’ understanding of the complex issues that surround us. This platform shall also aim to serve as a learning aid for students academically, as the said sessions have been designed to sync with the courses offered at UCP. In addition these sessions shall serve as an open platform for anyone who wishes to become a part of these meaningful discussions.

The topic areas for the said sessions include but are not limited to; inter-continental history, South Asian fiction, unfolding of new alliances in the Middle East, local government and sustainable cities, constitutionalism in Pakistan, Entrepreneurship, climate change and development and the history of arts and textiles in Pakistan.
The next session of the series will feature the former New York Times Pakistan Bureau Chief, Declan Walsh in conversation with lawyer and Head of Student Affairs at University of Central Punjab, Raza Goraya.

Declan Walsh is one of New York Times’s most distinguished international correspondents. In his book; The Nine Lives of Pakistan, he portrays Pakistan as a precarious vital country through the amusing and dramatic lives of nine fascinating individuals. His enriched experience comes from his comprehensive journey from the ports of Karachi to the salons of Lahore, and from Baluchistan to the mountains of Waziristan.

The session shall be live on UCP’s Official Facebook Page at 8:00 PM on October 30, 2020.