Avail Massive Scholarships at UCP Admissions 2024

Avail Massive Scholarships at UCP Admissions 2024


Pakistan is facing soaring inflation, and meeting day-to-day expenses is getting tough day by day. However, higher education is not only a dream of young Pakistanis but also a crucial need to stay updated and ahead in their future life. Therefore, the University of Central Punjab (UCP) offers massive scholarship options which are open to our students. This article will shed light on the scholarships at UCP  you can avail yourself of during  BS, MS, PhD. Admissions 2024. We are offering scholarships worth 830 million rupees to support the country’s education system.  

Avail Various Scholarships At UCP Admissions 2024

Scholarships are one of the prominent facilitation while studying at the University of Central Punjab (UCP).  We offer a variety of scholarship programmes to our students. All these scholarships and concessions are briefly explained in the text below. Therefore, you can see which suits you while applying for UCP admission.  

Our scholarships and fee concessions are available for ADP, undergraduate and graduate programmes. Details are penned below.  

Scholarships at UCP admissions 2024

Merit-Based Scholarships  

The merit scholarships are offered to students based on the high-quality performance in their previous educational record they have displayed so far. Therefore, you can also avail of the merit scholarships at the time of admission.  

The merit scholarships are duly applicable to the following degree programmes.  

  • Associate Degree Programmes 
  • Undergraduate Degree Programmes 
  • Graduate Degree Programmes 

Students can avail up to a 100 per cent scholarship if they have 75% marks in FSC (intermediate) if they are opting for ADP and undergraduate programmes. However, merit scholarships for graduate programmes will be available on the performance of undergraduate degrees. You can check out the details here 

Alumni Based Scholarships 

As the name suggests, alumni-based scholarships are available for the old students at Punjab Colleges. Once you are enrolled with us, you are a part of the family. Hence, our students can enjoy alumni-based fee concessions and scholarships at the University of Central Punjab (UCP).  

Our Alumni can enjoy the concession in fee for undergraduate and graduate programmes. As far as the last education degree stands concerned.  

Therefore, our students can avail of the Alumni scholarships on the basics of being PGC students and enrolling at UCP in the undergraduate. You can see the details for the Alumni Scholarship on our webpage. Similarly, being a student of UCP undergrad can make you eligible for scholarship in graduate degree programmes.

The previous students of intermediate at PGC can avail of up to 50% of concession based on being old students. The ratio varies from faculty to faculty. In addition, maintaining a CGPA in the degree programme is a prerequisite to enjoying the continuation.   

Concession Options 

Other fee concessions are also available for the students. The University of Central Punjab understands the difficulty of managing expenses in tough financial situations. Moreover, we are firm believers in becoming a helping hand to those facing adverse situations. Education must not be compromised or halted at any cost whatsoever! You can have a brief introduction to concession options available at UCP.  

Contingency Fee Concessions  

If, unfortunately, a guardian or father passes away while a student is still enrolled in any programme at UCP. We will try to stand by our students. This concession is available for undergraduate students. 

Disabled Student Support  

Graduate and undergraduate students can get this concession in case of disability. The committee will look into the matter to make the decision.  

Need-Based Fee Concession 

UCP offers this type of scholarship for undergraduate students to help them continue their studies without monetary barriers and hardships. The students can apply for this scholarship; the final decision lies with the committee after evaluating and analysing every case. Therefore, the concession may differ from case to case.  

Talent-Based Fee Waiver 

Talent is always applauded at UCP. Students who excel in academics and extracurricular activities are encouraged to apply for one of UCP’s Talent Based Scholarships, designed for exceptionally talented students. The grant is decided by the office-bearing committee.  

The talent scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate programmes.  

Sports Scholarship 

Students of undergraduate and graduate levels can apply for the sports scholarship. They have to produce exceptional sports records in sports from their previous record. The committee will decide further.  

Legacy Scholarship 

The siblings of existing UCP graduates and children of UCP graduates can avail of a waiver of up to 25 per cent for both undergraduate and graduate sessions.  

Scholarships for Differently Abled Students 

 Those students who are declared differently abled through an official certificate issued from the Government of Pakistan and committee assessments can avail of certain scholarships in undergraduate and graduate levels of education. However, the percentage of waivers differs at undergraduate and graduate levels certainly.  

Scholarships for Faculty and Staff Members 

Those faculty or staff members having a three-year continuation of satisfactory services can get a fee waiver of up to a certain percentage. This scholarship applied for graduate level only.  

  • If faculty members or staff members have 4 years of satisfactory services, they can avail of up to 50 per cent only for MS/ MPhil studies.  
  • If faculty members or staff members have a 3-year record of satisfactory services, they can avail up to a 25% waiver for MS/MPhil Studies.   

Apply Today for World-Class Education 

Now, you know how the University of Central Punjab (UCP) helps its students in a broader perspective in these hard times of financial crunch. Massive scholarship options are available, and those willing to perform and hold a record of high-quality performance can get meritious scholarships. At the same time, those fighting with the harsh life realities get the rock back from us! In your growth, the future of Pakistan shines bright.  

These scholarship options are equally applicable to the spring admissions 2024. The admissions are on the go. Before they end, apply to your preferred program and boost your education! Applications are processed through an online portal.