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Career Paths After BS in Computer Science

Posted Date: 28 Feb, 2024 Author: Shaina Mansuri

Computer Science (CS) is one of the most flourishing and rising fields around the globe. In addition, the graph is on the increasing trend with

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Why Study International Relations in 2024?

Posted Date: 14 Feb, 2024 Author: Shaina Mansuri

‘International relations’ (IR) is the subset of the wide subject of political science. It is a study of the relationships of

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Avail Massive Scholarships at UCP Admissions 2024

Posted Date: 31 Jan, 2024 Author: Shaina Mansuri

  Pakistan is facing soaring inflation, and meeting day-to-day expenses is getting tough day by day. However, higher education is not only a

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Excel Media and Mass Communication Professionally

Posted Date: 8 Jan, 2024 Author: Shaina Mansuri

Mass and media communication is the process of imparting and sharing information to large public groups. The mediums of information sharing could

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UCP Opens Spring Admissions 2024- Apply Today!

Posted Date: 1 Jan, 2024 Author: Shaina Mansuri

The year 2024 has begun! And so, the academic year for Spring 2024 is about to start at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). You can initiate

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