Why Study International Relations in 2024?

Why Study International Relations in 2024?

‘International relations’ (IR) is the subset of the wide subject of political science. It is a study of the relationships of countries on various grounds. The importance of global relations is never outshined. In recent times, the world has been facing disastrous wars and distress going on in many regions around the globe.  In these unavoidable times, global relations are highlighted on many levels. This blog post will further explain why one should study international relations in 2024. Also, UCP offers BS and MPhil programmes in IR for spring 2024.  

What is ‘International Relations’ IR? 

We live in a world that is divided into various geographical distributions. These distributions are defined through borders and territories. Each of the territories y makes a country.  

All these countries are related to one another in diverse capacities. Which develops a potential for diverse relations within. All this science can be handled through persons who understand and know the power dynamics.  

To learn and know the power dynamics, one must have a grasp of international ties. Therefore, professional undergrad and grad degrees and postgrad degrees are offered at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) in its Spring 2024 intake.  

Impact of International Relations (IR) 

International relations- IR is one of the most impactful professional programmes to pursue for the coming years. The world today is facing many challenges on international ties. The disputes have resulted in ground wars, cold wars and fifth-gen wars.  

The root cause of all the global tension can be seen in three (3) major elements. These elements are as follows.  

  1. Political Interests & Differences 
  2. Economical Elements 
  3. Cultural Grounds 

Henceforth, all the diplomats can make strategic decisions to draft effective policies to maintain the country’s stance for internal and external peace. Let us explore professional degrees in IR you can pursue at UCP.  

Become an International Relations Professional 

UCP offers a BS in International Relations (IR) and an M.Phil. IR for the interested students. These programmes will help you gain sound knowledge and thinking capacity to know and foresee potential developments in the massive fields of political science and IR.  

Let’s look forward to seeing what course content and admission criteria are available.  

BS International Relations or M.Phil International Relations

BS International Relations 

BS International Relations is a four-year programme. It has a variety of courses. Range from compulsory courses to interdisciplinary courses, discipline-related courses, major courses, elective subjects, and others.  

Some of the interesting subjects you will study during your enrolment in BS IR would be some of the following.  

  • Introduction to Political Science 
  • Introduction to IR 
  • Geo-Political Structure of the World 
  • History of Political Thought 
  • Public International Laws 
  • Regional & International Organisations 
  • Foreign Policy Analysis 
  • International Economics 
  • Emerging Security Concepts 

If you want to read more, go through the course details 

Moreover, the eligibility criteria for admission in BS International Relations are as follows.  

Applying candidate should have a minimum of 45% on an F.SC., FA., I.COM., ICS., or A level exam, or the equivalent. Additionally, candidates must appear in the conducted written exam. 

M.Phil. International Relations  

The other programme that caters to the IR at UCP is the M.Phil. in IR 

M.Phil. International Relations has a broader scope of knowledge and skill development in the wide field of global ties. This is a two-year programme. It also has a research requisite to complete for successful degree completion.  

In M.Phil. In International Relations, students will read the advanced strategies, subjects, and courses to have a robust grip on the technical side of IR.  

Explore the course content for M.Phil. IR. The eligibility criteria can be seen in the following.  

A minimum of 50% of the marks from an annual system in any of the social sciences—Economics, Political Science, Sociology, History, Défense and Strategic Studies, Media Studies, Management Studies—or an equivalent is required to apply for an M.Phil. in International Relations. It is mandatory for all applicants to clear the UCP Admission Test and Interview. 

Potential of Growth in IR 

Let us talk about the scope of IR.  

With a professional degree in International relationships, you can pursue a number of high-value jobs, positions, and career options. You can join any of the following.  

  1. Government Organisations 
  2. Inter-Government Organisations 
  3. Multinational Corporations 
  4. Research Bodies 
  5. Academic Institutions 
  6. Civil Services 
  7. Political Analyst 
  8. Communication Specialists for National & International Bodies 

Scope of International Relations

University Amenities at UCP 

Our students can get an opportunity to enjoy various amenities while they study at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). The main amenities are as follows. 

  • Scholarship & Financial Assistance Options 
  • Rich Extra Curricular Culture 
  • Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio 
  • Vibrant & State-of-the-Art Campus 
  • Hostel Facility for Girls 
  • Book-Stocked Libraries 
  • Equipped Labs & Laboratories 
  • Market-Driven Curriculum  
  • Degree Acceptance in the Job Market 

You can visit our website for more details.  

Pursue International Relations at UCP Spring 2024 

If you want to become a foreign office holder or a policy maker, you should pursue the relevant discipline in IR. UCP is accepting admission applications for Spring 2024. 

Apply Through the Online Portal 

An online portal is available for applications to pursue a BS IR or M.Phil. in International Relations. You can visit our website or click this link 


International Relations is one of the most impactful and demanded degree programmes in the field of social sciences. The dynamics of global relations are vibrant and ever-evolving. Therefore, pursuing a degree with huge potential is also a great idea in 2024.