At the successful completion of this course, the student is expected to have/be able to:
• List and generally explain the main sources of energy and their primary applications
• Describe the challenges and problems associated with the use of various energy sources,
including fossil fuels, with regard to future supply and the environment
List and describe the primary renewable energy resources and technologies. Describe/illustrate
basic electrical concepts and system components.
• Discuss remedies/potential solutions to the supply and environmental issues associated with
fossil fuels and other energy resources.
• Collect and organize information on renewable energy technologies as a basis for further
analysis and evaluation.

Text books:

Title: Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems Author: Gilbert M. Masters Edition: 2004

Reference books:

Title: Design of Smart Power Grid Renewable Energy Systems Author: Ali Keyhani Edition: 2011
Title: Renewable Energy Sources and Emerging Technologies Author: D.P. Kothari, K.C. Singal & Rakesh Ranjan Edition: 2nd, 2014