UCP MBA is designed not only to prepare innovative leaders and professionals for corporate and public sectors, but also develop entrepreneurial acumen creating value for the world. The program offers a wide spectrum of learning opportunities to the students, fostering a skill set adaptive to a dynamically changing world. The development of this competence is reflected in our commitment to teaching excellence and scholarly research to animate instruction and create a futuristic knowledge base. UCP MBA diligently seeks possible opportunities to bolster the program offerings with strategic collaborations with various industries and other academic institutions around the world.

Degree Requirements

UCP MBA is designed to offer flexibility to the students to match their aptitudes and acquire academic qualifications that render them better prospects in their intended careers. However, to ensure same learning outcomes for the categories of enrolling students mentioned above, different credit requirements have been set in light of the guidelines prepared by Pakistan’s National Curriculum Review Committee of Business Administration at Higher Education Commission. In order to accommodate these differing requirements, Program course work is divided into Graduate Course Work (GCW) and Undergraduate Course Work (UGCW). Students with their undergraduate degrees in non-business education are required to take UGCW courses to get on par with those having business education courses in their undergraduate programs.

GCW comprises of 33 credits including 3 core courses (9 credits) and 8 elective courses (24 credits) with an option to take MBA project in lieu of any 2 elective courses.

Core courses include:

  • Managerial Economics (core)
  • Business Research Methods (core)
  • Business Policy and Strategy (core)

Out of 8 elective courses, a student must pick at least one from each division of UCP business school. This ensures minimum breadth in the MBA curriculum encompassing different areas of business education.

Exact credits requirements for students in different tracks are as follows:
Track-1: 33 Credits of GCW
Track-2: 33 Credits of GCW & 36 Credits of UGCW
Track-3: 33 Credits of GCW & 63 Credits of UGCW