UCP Opens Spring Admissions 2024- Apply Today!

UCP Opens Spring Admissions 2024- Apply Today!

UCP Spring Admissions 2024

The year 2024 has begun! And so, the academic year for Spring 2024 is about to start at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). You can initiate your journey of higher education by getting enrolled in the UCP Spring 2024 intake. This article explores the offered programmes and admission process to make you understand everything clearly.  

What Programmes are Offered in UCP Spring Admissions 2024? 

Spring admissions in 2024 are at the peak. In Lahore, the University of Central Punjab (UCP) is one of the finest institutes offering a vast array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral-level programmes in diverse lines.  

Undergraduate Programmes (BS) 

BS degree is a four-year programme that is offered once students complete and clear their intermediate education. At UCP, 09 faculties are offering diverse BS courses for students. Let us explore below.  

POST-Graduate Programmes (MS/MPhil) 

Once a BS degree is completed, students pursue their education for the next couple of years. It completes 18 years of education in the relevant fields.  

PhD Programmes 

UCP also offers doctoral programmes for interested scholars in various popular fields.  

UCP Spring Admissions 2024

The details of all these programmes are discussed as under.  

Faculty of Management Sciences

The faculty of management sciences prepares students for futuristic skills in accordance with market-driven research. We have 25 + PhD members, helping students achieve their academic goals. Furthermore, annual international conferences and issues are a forte of Business Management.  

You can study the following programmes under the faculty of management sciences in UCP Spring Admissions 2024.  

Faculty of IT & Computer Science 

In this tech-led era of times, our lives are primarily driven by technology. Can we imagine our single day without connecting to our loved ones through mobile devices and the internet? – Therefore, education and professional degrees in IT and computer science are the biggest flex of modern times.  

FoIT & CS understands this quite well, and hence, we have an enriched background with the Centre of Robotics and Game Design, the Centre of Healthcare Modelling and Informatics, and the Council of Mathematics Teaching and Research.  

Moreover, at UCP, the FoIT & CS has a proud inclusion of 13 world-class PhD mentors to help students strengthen their skills. Also, our students get international grants through proper channels to work on innovative projects.  

So, whether you want to earn a degree in BS computer science or BS software engineering. The faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science is an ideal option for you in Spring Admissions 2024.  

MS/ MPhil and PhD Programmes are also offered.

Faculty of Engineering 

They say engineers are the visionaries who turn dreams into reality. Therefore, if you have a knack for engineering something magical, you can do so with the faculty of engineering with the most- researched programmes like BS Electrical Engineering and BS Mechanical Engineering for sure.  

That is not alone; you also do wonders with the latest, market-driven skills in BS Robotics and Intelligent Systems and BS in Civil Engineering. You can get more information on any one of these below.  

MSc and PhD Programmes are also offered 


Faculty of Languages & Literature 

Under the faculty of language and literature, there are two departments working. The four-year comprehensive degree in the international mode of communication-English is offered as BS English Language and Literature.  At UCP, our students will get ample chances for personality grooming and skills building as there are workshops, working societies, and interactive sessions arranged by the faculty.  

This programme helps students to learn this language in detail and to explore the depth of its rich literature. Students can also get massive scope to get many opportunities with a BS in English Language and Literature.  

Check more details below.  

MS/ MPhil and PhD Programmes are also offered at UCP’s Spring Admissions 2024. 

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

If you have an interest in medicines, medical equipment, and pharmacy and you also want to join the field of treatments, UCP offers a comprehensive undergraduate programme for Doctor of Pharmacy students. The duration for the same is for five (5) years. You can check out more details at the following link.  

MPhil and PhD Programmes are also available in UCP Spring Admissions 2024.  

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Students can get the life-winning skill of learn-un-learn and re-learn under the professional and academically enriched learning opportunities with 14 available PhDs. There are four (4) departments under this faculty. Hence, anyone fulfilling the eligibility criteria and having an interest can apply to any of the following for Spring Admissions 2024 at UCP.  

MS/MPhil & PhD Courses are also available for Spring Admissions’24.  

Faculty of Science & Technology

Faculty of Science and Technology offers the highest number of programmes in the UCP. As a result, enjoys the highest number of graduates. Furthermore, we at FoST also have the highest number of research publications, with the impact factor crossing the mark 300 annually.  

The following BS courses are available under FoST in UCP Spring Admissions 2024. 

MS/MPhil and PhD programmes are offered by UCP in Spring Admissions 2024.  

Faculty of Media and Mass Communication

Let’s discuss the media and mass communication. At UCP, you can get an opportunity to study at Pakistan’s leading media school. You will get hands-on learning, with development chances.  

The faculty of media and mass communication enjoy the first-ever state-of-the-art TV studio/ production house. Non-Linear Editing Lab with the latest software inclusions. FM Radio 92.6, the first ever educational radio station of the country around the clock known as UCP ki Dunya. Furthermore, the chances of partnership with international organisations.  

The following BS programmes are available in Spring 2024.  

MS/ MPhil & PhD programmes are also available.  

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law (FoL) offers a professional five (5) year degree in Law. The faculty also offers a well-equipped moot room for the law students to gain a hands-on experience. In addition, the faculty arranges regular sessions by the lawyers and advocates for personality development and skill building.  

How to Apply for UCP Online Admissions 2024?  

It is simple to apply for UCP online admissions 2024. All you have to do is to proceed with the application on our online portal. Our interactive form will guide you on every step.  

Final Words

UCP opens its spring admissions 2024 for BS, MS/ MPhil, and PhD programmes under its 09 faculties. You can see the details and criteria for confirming admission to each programme.